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Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

Microsoft Excel 2019 Basic


In this course, your will learn to create and use an Excel spreadsheet. You will learn how to move through the cells, enter data in a cell, insert and delete column and row, copy and paste or move data from one cell to another cell, fill data in cell using AutoFill, change page orientation, customized page header and footer and modify page margins. You will also learn to set cell format for text, date, time and percentage.


  • Introduction of Windows Explore and Basic Microsoft Word (or equivalent).


  • Saving an Excel File
  • Selecting Cell(s)
  • Using Alt Key
  • Moving through cells
  • Worksheet Area (Sheet Tab, Status Bar, ScrollBar)
  • The Ribbon
  • Minimize, Maximize and close button
  • Name of the working document
  • The Quick Access Toolbar
  • Microsoft File Tab 
  • The Title Bar
  • Introduction to Excel
  • Moving Cells
  • Editing Content of a Cell 
  • Copying and Pasting
  • Resizing Columns and Rows
  • Inserting and Deleting a Column or Row 
  • Formatting Numbers
  • Aligning the Content in a Cell
  • Modifying Font
  • Setting Date Properties of a Cell 
  • Entering and Editing Data in Excel
  • Formatting Options
  • The Format Cells Window
  • Formatting Dates and Times
  • Formatting Percentages
  • Format Painter
  • AutoFormat
  • Using AutoFill
  • Adding clip art
  • Add an image from a file
  • Editing a graphic 
  • AutoShapes
  • Create, format, reorder, and align shapes; add text to shapes
  • Create, modify, and format an organization chart 
  • Insert a Shape
  • Change the Shape
  • Change Shape Fill/ Outline/Effect
  • Selection Pane (Toggle between shapes)
  • Insert a Smart Art of your choice
  • Add and delete one shape
  • Move around the shapes
  • Change layout/Style/Color
  • Page Orientation and Break
  • Setting up a Page Margin
  • Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers
  • Preview
  • Printing a Spreadsheet 
  • Using Autoshape
  • Creating an Organizational Chart

Project (s)

  • Create An Address Book
    • Format Address Book

    • Create a simple School supply list 
    • Create a Product Pricelist
    • Create a Yearly Calendar
    • Create A Mileage Log Form

    Learning Objectives

    By the end of the course, you should be able to:

    • Start and exit Microsoft excel
    • Identify parts of the excel workbook
    • Distinguish between column, row, and cell
    • Understand cell address
    • Save a working spreadsheet
    • Enter and edit date, text, and numbers.
    • Insert and delete columns and rows.
    • Format borders
    • Resize columns and cows
    • Delete the content in a cell
    • Clear the format of a cell
    • Copy and paste content in a cell
    • Move content from one cell to another cell
    • Format any text and number in a cell
    • Apply format to a cell such as color and border
    • Use format painter to copy format from one cell and apply it to another cell.
    • Use the Autofill feature to automatically fill the cell based on a given pattern.
    • Develop a professional and visually appealing spreadsheet
    • Use print preview to see before printing the spreadsheet.
    • Choose to print a single sheet or the whole workbook.
    • Customized Header and Footer for all the pages in the Sheet.
    • Modify page margins and page orientation.
    • Add and remove page breaks.


    • The student has a basic knowledge of using a computer, such as the ability to create and save files in a folder.
    • The student has access to Microsoft Excel software for practice. 

    Who should get this Course?

    This course is designed for people who have little or no previous experience in using Microsoft Excel.

    For this course, only basic computing skills are required. Basic computer skills include navigating folders, surfing the internet, and using electronic communication tools such as email, text message, and smartphone.

    What do you need?

    No prior Microsoft Excel experience is necessary.

    You will need Excel 2019 installed on your computer. The standard installation of Excel 2019 or the Microsoft Office 365 version is fine.

    How Do I Get This Course?

    This course is available as a single title purchase or as part of a package.

    If you currently NRCLC online subscriber, the course will be instantly added to your library.



    Here is the course outline:

    1. Introduction to Excel

    Topics include: Starting Microsoft Excel, Understanding the Excel Workbook, Understanding the Components of the Title Bar, Microsoft File Tab, The Quick Access Toolbar, Excel Workbook Name; Minimize, Maximize and Close Button; Understanding the Component of The Ribbon; Tabs; Group; Icons; Worksheet Area; Sheet Tab; Status Bar; Moving Within the Worksheet; Using the Alt Key;

    2. Moving Though the Cell

    Topics include: Moving Within the Worksheet and Selecting one or more Cell(s)

    3. Editing & Saving a File

    Topics include: Start Microsoft Excel, Edit data in a spreadsheet and Save a working spreadsheet

    4. Working with Worksheet

    Topics include: Inserting, Deleting, Naming, Moving, Hiding, Unhiding and Coloring worksheet tab

    5. Formatting Data in Excel

    Topics include: The Format Cells Window, Formatting Dates and Times, Formatting Percentages, The Format Painter, AutoFormat, Using AutoFill

    6. Formatting Cells

    Topics include: Formatting Options, Entering and Formatting Data in a Cell, Setting Date Properties of a Cell, Modifying Font, Aligning the content within a Cell, Formatting Numbers, Adding and Deleting a Column and Row, Resizing Columns and Rows, Copying and Pasting Content in a Cell, Editing Content in a Cell, Moving Content From One Cell to Another Cell

    7. Setting Page Properties and Printing

    Topics include: Setting up Page Orientation, Adding a Page Break, Setting up Page Margins, Customizing Headers, Footers and Page Numbers, Previewing a Spreadsheet, Printing a Spreadsheet

    8. Review


    The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

    Certificate of completion
    Certificate of completion
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